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About the Mod 1 Test

The Mod 1 Test is taken at a MMA (Motorcycle Maneuvering Area), usually situated at your local DVSA test centre. Here’s what you can expect on the day:

The MMA & The Test Elements

The Mod 1 test consists of 11 elements:

  1. Stands and manual handling
  2. Slalom
  3. Figure of 8
  4. Slow ride
  5. U-turn
  6. Cornering
  7. Controlled stop
  8. 30 km/h (~19 mph) circuit ride
  9. 50 km/h (~32 mph) emergency brake
  10. 30 km/h (~19 mph) circuit ride
  11. 50 km/h (~32 mph) avoidance

Take a look at these diagrams provided by the DVSA showing the MMA test area and the 11 test elements:

DVSA – Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area – Mod 1 Test Elements (PDF)

At the end of the module the examiner will tell you if you’ve passed or not and give you feedback on your riding.

When you pass Module 1, you’ll get your Module 1 Pass Certificate which you’ll need when you take Module 2 – Read on!